by eraearth

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Here ! Hear ; a Heraux


released August 8, 2016

Beats by:
Felly ~ robfel.bandcamp.com
Kaleo ~ djkaleo.bandcamp.com
CRIPLA ~ cripla.bandcamp.com

Album Cover Courtesy of:
Rachel Harris

Many thanks to all that support, encourage & inspire me.




eraearth Santa Cruz, California

Son of Mother Earth & Father Time, Godchild to Infinity.

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Track Name: Polight ExPLoSiON
Check it,

ExPLoSiON Polight.

So much inertia,
tears when I write.

Music in my skull from the day to the night,
cereal's in my bowl, and blunt to it's right.

I'll spoonfeed you medicine until you're feeling age 1, so are you?
I don't think you are.

~ ~ ~

I'mma give you a: 321
taste's like jazz

high hats 'n' drums
fix you up, feelin' glum

Straight Up.

This verse is vice-versa:
Tone to research ya, but words on the surface.

Take time to rehearse fists.

No need to curse, kids.
Just playin', that's for certain.

Confused yet? Well then thank you.

I'll smash this in my brain then I'll shank you.

Perhaps this piece is a breakthrough!

How do I know?

It's only track 2 but right now I'm faitful.

I am here.

Clip it, and hit it.

Not gonna waste a minute my lyrical tooth I chip it.

Bullets from my mouth then straight in front of me.

Red dot to your third eye, dodge it and see.

Allegory of the Cave; Tryna break out

Chillen in the sun 'n' breeze; It's time to gain clout.

I'm era pHinidea, I'm here to mic check.

Like to think I gottan old flow, call it High Tech.

Do you know who I am?

Now you do.

I hope you gotta clue, are you seein' straight through?

Fuck the way I look, my words stick like glue.

Welcome to the new beginning.

I'm anything but cool.

~ ~ ~

I spoonfeed you medicine until your feeling age 1. So are you?

I think you are. Time to have some fun.
Track Name: 321
Rubbin' my eyes,
early morning time,
birds are chirpin' to a beat,
it makes me smile.

hop in the shower,
but not before smokin' on some sour,
high life; I live it hour on the hour

Got the power
Posted on a tower
Reaching down for y'all

Simply cannot fall
I've got 3 eyes
"Hi, I'm Paul"

The monkey,
today is lookin' lovely
I've figured shit out
Like David Duchovny

Ain't it funny how sometimes:
I'm stuck in the same place,
cannot smell, feel, or taste

But that's erased let's take a Blunt to the face.

Full of that "O" to the Seventh letter.

Feelin' better.

Keep it rollin' to the next endeavor.


No tether,

nada holdin me back.

On the track it's full speed ahead, no turning back.

Dreams of music, So I've got to pursue it.
People tell me don't be stupid, but I'm shot by Cupid.

~ ~ ~

I'm dead Asleep,

Cannot feel my feet,

I've risen to the elite.

Can you feel me?

~ ~ ~

My energy is bursting from the inside out.

I hope my name grapevines from mouth to mouth.

Tired of lounging on my couch it's time to make it Big.

Making music for a living, writing history.

Being average is not for me ~ so Imma part the seas.

Live Life with Difinity.

Stick around for Infinity.

~ ~ ~

Respect the police, still smoke trees.
Track Name: Acapella Poetry
Acapella Poetry,

No I'm not gonna whisper.

Rhyme Scheme


on the


you a listener.

Lend your ears to the words of my scriptures,

I'll plant a seed, and paint a picture.



My initials, bitch.

The Shit.

I wear TieDye Tees and rep Santa Cruz, Los Gatos CA and East Lyme, CT


I'm clean call me Soap,

I look like a common folk,

But I'll

disappear within the thick smoke, no joke.

You watch.

History's to be wrote, written.

& I'm really not worried about fittin' in.

Yes, my shit's a bit different,

But take some time to listen in,

You'll be rubbin' your chin.

I guarantee it.

I used to give fucks, that's some shit.

Now I'm clear headed, still some things hidden, no need to kid.

I'm no longer a kid, it's my time to prosper.

Schools not really my thing, so I kick beats like soccer.

Yet I'm still deep in my studies, I'ma young grasshopper,

A deal with the Devil;

I decline his offer.

I picked up Lucy,

I dropped her.

She likes it rough.

Work out my mind until it's buff.

Time to place a bet no bluff.

If you're looking for me, I'm in your mind, look up.


That's whatsup.
Track Name: Blunt H2O
I like to sit outside, because it's comfortable.
I got the open eyes, I'm feelin' wonderful.
How the letters tie, but I'm stoppin' though.
Drink some agua, roll a blunt, and I'mma watch it smoke.

It's nothin' though.
eye's on me
ice on beats
tiedye tees
no prada yo
stay original galapagos




Microscopes and Binoculars
are you reading right?

I be floating with no boat that i be on
look a little deeper find the meaning behind these songs.

It's something abstract indeed.

* to :)

Writen chillen and it's one 18
Fuck a TV, rather lead to the looseleaf ~

HARDCORE man, it's all for free.
Get's tiresome when there's nothin' steep.

My PockETs BRxke
See it in the way I type.

It's time to change...

I'mmaaa do it sloooowowww.

I like to sit outside, because it's comfortable.
I got the open eyes, I'm feelin' wonderful.
How my letters tie, but I'm stopping though.

Drink some waaahhaaater roll a blunt and we can watch it smoke.

I like to sit outside, because it's comfortable.

I got the open eyes, I'm feelin' wonderful.

How my letters tie, but I'm stoppin dau

Drink some water,

Roll'a Blunt.
Track Name: AZ Universe
Scroll through:

Smoke a spliff that's double wrapped.
Rap Cat,
So I'll catnap a medium.

pH@ Sacks &
ph@ Snacks
Creacked Backs

Genie bumps lead me to The Fetal Sun

Tweedle Dum & Tweedle Dee
They Tryna Front on Me.

My Touchpad is the Universe, that's A ~ Z


that's the moment.

Nice Whip, I'm Audi.
fill it up, that's a slight tick.


Deep Dish, but workin' in the progress.
Prospect > Mean Bitchz

Ah yes,

Letterz from the Chest.

Time to Dip, I'm head in on a Quest.
Track Name: The Bridge to Terabithia
The Bridge to Terabithia

Come with me breh, and don't forget the Merryjauana

I'm going on an, adventure like my name is pHin.
Got my:
~ Stoner Shield
~ A backpack
& I'm walking like a pimp.

6 foot one Karate Choppin' Tree Limbs * They All Up in my Face
Set a Fast Pace


Ha, get it?
Silly jokes I make, I can help it.
I'm baked as a cake.


Findin' stones in the creek.

Bleau 1>

^ The pick of destiny

I love how life is teasin' me, there's so much more to see, so we movin' upstream, WATCH for: Poison Oak. That Shit'll get you itchy.

Don't forget the snacks & H2O.
I'm chillen on my back lookin' uP like an otter.

It's time's like these, not a problem nor a bother.
Yeah, I would like to cloud~watch, thank you for the offer.

I see Giant Hands & hopeful peace between Good & Bad.
Evil and Purity.
Clouds are Rad.

Top of the Aquafall, Posted.
In my mind straight coastin'
In my mind like a leach or a post it.


Can you imagine a place so close, yet so very far away
Where your mind and your soul, go astray for a day?
Wake up the next morning, something's changed.

That s*** is cray.

Can you? Imagine a place so close, yet so very far away?
Where you mind as well as your soul go astray for a day... . ?
Wake up the next morning, something has certainly changed.
I can image that place now.

That shit is cray.

I'm driftin

Think thank thought I just made myself forget.

Talkin' to the boat @ the end of the dock.

Play guitar, cypher in the car, running like avatar, it's getting dark, dunk our heads in the wahtwta

Driving home:
Blimp? Cloud.

This just a Chunk of a day I rearranged my border.
There's things upon ideas upon stories I could tell,


You'd rather take a Trip to Terabithia yourself.
Track Name: Midea Nautureally
Why you?
Why me?

Because we matter, so chill like some iced tea.
Don't trip, don't try to be like me, instead:
Be yourself.
My Feelin': Midea Nautureally

Not tryna rush into all that'll come back to haunt.'
I take my iced tea, I'll squeeezzzzee the lemon*
endurance race, like the Tour de France,
So imma put in work, you can tell it's what I want.

No time to flaunt, write now I make creations.
She's hella sexy, mad persuasion.
No she's not white, black, latino, nor asian.
You probably don't get my point, so here's an explanation:

If you will,

take my hand on a journey.

The clock will counterflow, no need to worry.

If you're caught up in a flurry, don't worry.

All we are is learning, no problems to be churning.

Everything dis~concerning,


I got talent, so Imma go ahead and use it.

See a pathway, and go ahead and choose it.

Part of mine is my words, & I realize I can lose it.

So it's held tight in my grasp to my left.

Pick up my head and now she's outta breath.

Look into my eyes.

Now she's on my bed bare~chest,
rubbin' on her breasts, yeah you know what's next.

Now she texts.


Wants me on the daily.

I give her what I got, some say I'm crazy*

But I'm addicted, got me always craving.

SHE's A Dr. eaM that I'm chasing, and that's why me.

About you? Well that's for you to know.

Fast or slow, you gotta bloom like a rose.

Make it through the door before the door close.

Don't wanna be all alone, just you and your clothes.


it's to inpHinidea & Beyond!
Blast off to the stars! Across the pond!
Look up to the skies, to the Gods.

Hopefully they think I'm raw. ^ : ea
Track Name: Contropolis : : LoCO

where'm I @?

Somewhere beyond the field of rap.

Deep in the cutz

But : : marks the spot, why don't you look @ that?

Now a legend, not a fact... Soon to be whence they find the hidden artifacts.

Message ~ Encyrption
Massage ~ Stiching

You'll find the treasure soon, so so stop your bitchin' (morty).


So calm you ass up.

Sip on the cup, smoke this blunt that I just rolled up.

Straight Chronic.

This a new substance, I know you want it.

The clock is moving slower every ~ time that you watch it.


Such Irony:
HOT as FUCK / Nobody is as cool as me
Tight as Hell / I write on looseleaf
Fly as well / I walk on two feet
Show not Tell / Everyone's telling me that I'm the sickest kid to ever hit the streets of LG

Damn! (Requesting Blessings)

Oh well hey, Here I am.
Rolling up a gram, eatin' Green Eggs N' Ham.
Doin' research, the roll of a teacher,
Because Knowledge is Power,
& that bitch I'll neva leave'r.

Hold up, hold up, hold up, wait.